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2019 Jeep Cherokee still at the top of the mountain


The spotter directs me to put the driver’s side of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk in a ditch, keeping the other up on the high line of this off-road course at a Jeep-sponsored press drive outside of Los Angeles, California. As I inch forward, the ditch gets deeper and the Jeep tilts to the left – at this point, I can actually reach out the window and pluck a dandelion from the ground...

Samsung Connect Home / Samsung Connect Home Pro review:


The Good The system works as a midtier router and a SmartThings home automation hub, all controlled by a single app. The Bad The app. Setup can be a challenge and you can’t customize many of the settings. You may need additional units to get the speed and coverage your want, which can be costly. The Bottom Line The Samsung Connect Home will give you adequate Wi-Fi coverage in a large home...

Ember Travel Mug review:


The Good The Ember Travel Mug precisely controls its beverage temperature. It has an alluring, distinctive design. The Bad It’s outrageously expensive and doesn’t hold much liquid. Away from its charger it retains heat for two hours or less. It uses a proprietary charging system. The Bottom Line Don’t get burned by the Ember mug’s flashy temperature tech and insanely high...

Garmin Vívofit 4: Entry-level activity tracker levels up


Like its predecessor, the Vívofit 4 costs $80 — but it has some upgrades. Garmin has a new entry-level activity tracker and it’s done its best to fix what people didn’t like about the previous model. Like 2017’s Vivofit 3 ($58.00 at, the Vívofit 4 ($80, £70, AU$159) is waterproof — you can swim with it — and comes equipped with a coin cell battery...

2018 Buick Regal TourX is a wagon that’s ready to hit the dirt


The 2018 Buick Regal TourX starts at $29,995.    All TourX models pack a 250-horsepower, turbocharged I4 and all-wheel drive.      The eight-speed automatic is smooth, swapping gears relatively unbeknownst to the driver.      In general, the cabin is very well isolated and pavement is the main factor in whether or not occupants will encounter road noise.     We spent several miles blasting down...

Vivo’s X20 Plus UD features an under-screen fingerprint scanner


When it was unveiled at CES 2018, the Vivo X20 Plus UD didn’t have a name or a launch date, but the world’s first phone with a fingerprint scanner under the display is now available in China.  It’s not a completely new phone, though — the X20 Plus UD is an updated version of the X20 Plus, with the aforementioned tech instead of a rear fingerprint scanner. To unlock the X20...

Klipsch Reference Theater Pack review:


The Good The Klipsch Reference Theater Pack offers excellent sound from a very compact set of 5.1 surround speakers. The included wireless sub has plenty of low-end muscle. Klipsch built in similar components to its full-sized speakers. The Bad It’s expensive for a small system, and not as attractive as some competitors. You can buy a better-sounding, full-sized system for the same money...

UA Sport Wireless Flex Engineered by JBL review:


The Good The UA Sport Wireless Flex by JBL is a well-designed neckband-style Bluetooth sports headphone. It’s sweat-resistant, fits comfortable and securely and sounds good for the breed. The buds adhere magnetically and there’s an LED light strip built into the neckband with three flashing modes for night runs. The Bad It’s a bit too expensive. Under Armour and JBL should throw...

Take a look at iHome’s Outdoor SmartPlug


The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug is a $40 single smart outlet intended for use in outdoor areas. A black, boxy 6-inch cord attached the plug to your existing outdoor outlet.  The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug and the iHome Control app require a 2.4GHz internet connection to control the plug remotely and with voice commands. Connecting the plug to Wi-Fi is done through the iHome Control app once the plug is...

iHome Outdoor SmartPlug review:


The Good iHome’s Outdoor SmartPlug works well and integrates with several virtual assistants and smart home platforms. The Bad For $40, you’ll just get one smart outlet, and the plug itself has a bulky, unattractive design. The Bottom Line iHome’s Outdoor SmartPlug performs well and works with a lot of smart home platforms, but the $40 price tag might seem like a lot for the functionality of just...

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